Marching Percussion

John F. Kennedy High School

Full Percussion Ensemble - Click to download the sheet music and audio!

JFK 2017 Full Marching Percussion Ensemble – Score

JFK 2017 Percussion – Marimba

JFK 2017 Percussion – Vibraphone

JFK 2017 Percussion – Timpani

JFK 2017 Percussion – Drum Set

JFK 2017 Percussion – Snareline

JFK 2017 Percussion – Tenorline

JFK 2017 Percussion – Bassline

JFK 2017 Percussion – Tomline


Battery (Drumline) - Click to download the sheet music and audio!

Drumline Warm-Ups 2017: Score

Drumline Warm-Ups 2017: Snareline & Tomline

Drumline Warm-Ups 2017: Tenorline

Drumline Warm-Ups 2017: Bassline

Pluto’s Morning Stretches (On Field Warm-Up)

These warm-ups have been created to properly stretch the muscles that are used in playing battery percussion instruments.  If practiced regularly, these exercises will strengthen various muscle groups of the body, as well as gaining consistency of sound in rhythmic accuracy.  Playing along with a metronome is a must, but playing within a drum line teaches how to listen to each other, along with adhering to the metronome.  These exercises cover:

Rhythms, including, but not limited to: quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, quarter note triplets, eighth note triplets, sixteenth note triplets, and their respective rests

Time Signatures, including, but not limited to: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, and 12/8

Rudiments, including, but not limited to: Rolls (single stroke, double stroke, triple stroke) Legato Strokes, Paradiddles (paradiddle-diddles), Two Height Control (accents/taps), Flams (flam accents, flam taps, inverted flams)

Drumline Cadence Medley

Bang Bang (Sheet Music) / Bang Bang (Audio)


Front Ensemble (Pit) - Click to download the sheet music and audio!

Front Ensemble Warm-Ups: Score

Front Ensemble Warm-Ups: Xylophone

Front Ensemble Warm-Ups: Marimba

Front Ensemble Warm-Ups: Vibraphone

Front Ensemble Warm-Ups: Timpani

Front Ensemble Warm-Ups: Drum Set

Front Ensemble Warm-Ups: Auxiliary

These warm-ups have been created to properly stretch the muscles that are used in playing keyboard instruments, timpani, and the drum set.  Setting a drum set groove behind each of these etudes gives tempo, style, and consistency of rhythm, however, playing along with a metronome is extremely important.  These exercises cover:

Music Theory, including, but not limited to: major scales, major arpeggios, various chords, minor dissonance, and simple harmony

Technique, including, but not limited to: legato strokes, double vertical strokes, lateral strokes/rotation, paradiddles, and rolls

Lugubrious Legatos (Front Ensemble)

Lugubrious Legatos was written by accident while practicing the piano.  It is a mallet keyboard exercise that utilizes legato strokes.  Legato strokes use an up and down motion, relying on the rebound of the mallet off the keyboard bar.  This short exercise is very catchy and is delightful to practice! You may download this composition for free by clicking on the blue title above to the left.


California Baptist University

2017 Drumline Auditions

CBU Students - Please prepare whichever audition packet that pertains to the instrument you would like to play this Fall season.  Also, I would like to hear an individual rudimental solo of your choice.  Please click the following links to download your music!

CBU 2017 Snareline Audition Material

CBU 2017 Tenorline Audition Material

CBU 2017 Bassline Audition Material

CBU 2017 Cymbal Line Audition Material

CBU 2017 Drumline Audition Material (Score)

I am looking forward to this upcoming Fall season with Drumline being added to our great Pep Band!  Have a great summer!

                                                                         - Prof. Goddard