Disneyland Band Concert Series TOUR 2016

Happy New Year!  I wanted to update you on my Disneyland Band gig.  We are doing a concert band series version of the Disneyland Band, performing for 2nd graders.  We are promoting music education by telling short histories of important wind band conductors/composers and then performing examples of each.  We are also introducing the three instrument families to the students: percussion, brass, and woodwinds.  This topic is much more fun when Mickey Mouse and his Pals are dancing to our grooves!

Today, there must have been 4,000 2nd graders screaming with excitement from our performances!  Below, you will see some pictures of the venue from this morning (Cerritos Performing Arts Center).  What a beautiful PAC!  I hope to see your 2nd grader on our tour soon!

 -Tommy Goddard

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